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Saturday, May 7, 2011

An Unquestionably Happy Birthday

Is May 7 actually the one true perfect date for a birthday, or is my lifetime of conditioning in operation here?

Oh well, however it may sound to you, for me May 7 was a good day 54 years ago and it was another good day today too.

Weather-warners called for rain today, glooming our plans for a trip to Meijer Gardens. But we went anyway and were glad, because the sky was a perfect blue with clouds wispy and high, and the air was warm and the wind soft, and the trees nodded and the grass was a green delicious. Today butterflies still throve though past their time in the butterfly garden: on the way out, you pirouette for the docents to check your back lest you ferry a creature away.

We saw cactus and pear trees, magnolias in flower, giant aloes and weeping pines. We shot plastic boats over the falls in the Great Lakes Fountain, played with pioneer toys in the Log Cabin, and contemplated the statue of the Mad Mom.

In the sculpture garden we saw an Alexander Calder anticipating Lisa Simpson, and a Rodin Eve mourning for Adam, and a Joan Miro being so chic and surprising, and the famous "high horse" you've heard tell of:

There is more at Meijer Gardens than a 54-year-old can walk around without weariedness, even one who was born on such a day as this. So when our arches were stinging, we got back in the car, and we drove away, and we drove away.

Grateful thanks to Meijer Gardens photographers for overlooking the use of these pictures on this blog as we forgot our camera. Everyone should visit the Frederick Meijer Gardens in Grand Rapids Michigan. Especially on May 7 if you can.

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