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Saturday, June 4, 2011

A Gallop Through Hardy and Trollope in May

It was a modest month for book-reading--or at least, for book-finishing.  The Last Chronicle of Barset took a long time to get through, but I enjoyed every minute of it. Then I started listening to Kipling's Just So Stories, but hadn't quite finished it before the first of June arrived.

Also started reading Tess of the D'Urbervilles, which I hope to finish this month.Remember when the movie "Tess" with Nastassja Kinski came out in the 70s? Ray and I went to see it the night it opened here. Pretty picture to look at, but such a sad story! I vowed then never to read the book, and renewed that vow as recently as a few months ago when a friend was asking me about the plot line

So why did I change my mind? Mmmmm, I know some of the reasons but maybe not all of them. One was that I really liked Far From the Madding Crowd and wanted to read more Hardy no matter what. Another was a desire to toughen up a bit and get over my aversion to sad books--at least sad classics, anyway.  And finally, I was curious to see how he did it--how he told the story whose general lines I already knew.

Now I'm at the midpoint of the book: Angel Clare is pressing her to marry him, but she hasn't given in yet. She will. Poor doomed girl, poor sufferer.

I've continued my gallop through Trollopes this month--been lucky to find copies of  various titles at the Friends' and other bookstores. Once I planned to read just a few of the Barset books, then just the that series... Heck, I'm in for all fifty, now!  Toss me some o' thum Eustace Diamonds! Apparently there's an old saying that Trollope lovers dread the day they finish the last of his books. I get it--I totally get it.

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Anonymous said...

So Trollope was a good experience. I must look around, but bought so many Civil War (&Andersonville)books on this trip I fear I'm stuck for a while. Whoops, got to bike down to the beach and catch up with Joan and the dog.