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Monday, May 7, 2012

Time Out for "What I Did on My Birthday"

This is perfectly true: the very first thing I did on my birthday today was genealogical research.

That's because around 11:30 pm Sunday night, I wasn't sleepy at all so I got up and worked on the family records of Louise E. Miske (the original owner of my "Girl Graduate" scrapbook) and stayed up past midnight. So yup, that's the first thing I did today.

More about Louise later--except to say that I wish I had known her. She comes across as an amazing person.

After Quiet Time (Revelation and Acts)  I read a Dorothy Sayers "Peter Wimsey" novel for awhile and then putzed about in my sewing roon...and then met Catherine at Oakwood Bistro, where we had pizza and ice cream and she very kindly treated me. :-)

As I pulled into a parking spot at my next stop in Portage, Barnes and Noble, I was listening to a podcast of a sermon by my church pastor, Dr. John Barnett. So I had his voice in my ears--and then, amazingly, there the man was in person, walking across the parking lot right in front of me! So I took that as a pretty good sign that it was time to stop being bashful and introduce myself to him. So I did, even though the poor man can't go anywhere without eight church members finding him--it's such a big church. He has the nicest way of greeting a person and giving you his whole, delighted attention.

I bought a copy of the Complete Short Stories of Dorothy Sayers and took it directly home to read another Peter Wimsey story; then I picked Ben up; then I opened the birthday box that had come in the mail from Emily! There were two wrapped presents inside: one had a card labeled "Open 5-7" and the other said "Open 5-13." So I opened the first one right away and opened the second one at 5:13 pm.

No I didn't. Actually, Ray took away the Mother's Day present and hid so that I wouldn't be tempted. One corner of the tissue paper had torn a little and he might have caught me trying to enlarge it.

In my official birthday package was a copy of Helen Vendler's book about Emily Dickinson's poems. She selects a hundred or so of Dickinson's poems and writes a few pages about each one. I LOVE Helen Vendler's books! She is so insightful and so knowledgeable, and yet she writes so anyone can understand her. And somehow, Emily knew that I love and collect Sophie May "Little Prudy" books (this must be one of the facts I'm forever telling her and then forgetting I've told her) and she sent me one I've never seen before, "Little Prudy's Cousin Grace." It looks very charming. And then I checked the bottom of the box, because Emily tends to pack nice full ones, with delightful pretty things hiding about. And sure enough, there was a scented candle that smells heavenly and two rolls of very pretty paper tape. Emily had the day off too, though she was so far from me, and called me twice--before and after her trip to Strand bookstore.

The boys had a beautiful birthday cake for me and sang for me, and the we went to Red Robin for dinner. We had never been there before, and I wanted to try the Freckled Lemonade.

Now we are just relaxing and I am going to go knit. One of my teeth is hurting and I'm hoping it's not the one that needs the root canal I'm trying to put off...  Fortunately, I've got a fresh bottle of Tylenol to face it with, and if that's the most I have to worry me on my 55th birthday, that's not much, and I am grateful.  On to the knitting!

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