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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Ruth Writes Flarf*

*"Drew began to do odd word-combo searches on Google for things like 'Rogaine bunny' and wrote poems using the results." Flarf Files 

Salubrious Arch

This morning I jumped out of bed,
a mirror reflecting everything;
Called customer service to yell at a teller
—a Scotsman of course—
It was a long wait.

Strangely, however,
the mind boggled…
It's often easy to overlook
tiny details, little moments in the choreography,
hidden by distance or
bubbling beneath
the ravages of consumption.

What's more, I had no idea that
you do not need a lot of people to do this--
you don't have to go leaping straight for
the unspoilt sanctuary of magic beauty.
It is not necessary to seek abroad for the origin of
the lazy sound of trickling water,
or the rational fear of death.

They are not good for a long day's journey,
they could not supervene
the significance of a healthful attitude
with a limited selection of goods.
You are probably in pain
and tears are unavailing.

Be but remembered space,
under a shady arch of sycamore trees
which collects and distributes the vapours to the room.
Embroidering and sewing and now watching TV
calms the brain and stretches the shoulders.
Be the arch nemesis of "in your face."

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