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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Christmas Dolls Two by Two

Here are the last dolls I bought in 2012...

Two beautiful Ginnies, in their original boxes, priced lower than lunch! The Little Red Riding Hood is from 2001, and Christmas Shopping Ginny is from 1990. I found them around Thanksgiving time.

Two Ginnys, 2012

Then in December I spotted this blonde Chatty Cathy. Her hair was a mess and she needed a bath, but her original clothes were perfectly intact and it was obvious she'd look great with a little loving restoration. Sure enough, after a shampoo and a quick rinse with Downy Fabric Softener, her hair combed out beautifully to its original bob. Even though she was the first Chatty Cathy issued, her color has held up a little better than her brunette sister, whom I bought in 1986. But they're both still cute as kittens. In the works for them are new underwear, shoes, and socks, and some replacement teeth for the new gal!

Two Chattys, 2012

Both shopping trips, my daughter was with me... So do I actually make better discoveries when I'm with her, or am I just more likely to buy them? Maybe it's both--wonderful things happen with Emily is here!

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