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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Barbies: Blonde, Brunette, and Now...

...a red-haired reproduction pony-tail Barbie!

Another vacation acquisition. At first I wasn't going to buy her, but then two things happened:

1. It occurred to me that buying her would give me one each of the three hair color options for these repro Barbies. Already had a brunette from ebay, already had a bargain blonde (still in her pink gown and never removed from the box.) I started thinking of all the fun "triplet" projects I could do costuming them with three different colorways of the same fabric.

2.  The dealer offered me half off the price.

So, you may wonder-- wouldn't I rather have three of the original old Barbies? No, because so many of the old Barbie family dolls are secreting plasticizer--in other words, they now have sticky skin that looks sweaty. So far the only doll I have that is suffering in this way is poor old Alan, Midge's boyfriend--one can only hope that the rest won't get it. I don't want to spend big bucks on a nice original and then have it turn sticky too.

Wish List: I need a replacement Skipper, as my current gal has a slight face wound--plus she has red hair and in my mind Skipper should be blonde. And I wouldn't say no to a reasonably priced Ricky either.

To Do List:  Check out the fabric store for a trio of colorways that would suit my three pony-tail dolls, and then choose a pattern to make out of them. Or vice versa.

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