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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The Doll I Didn't Buy, and the One I Did

On vacation last week, I found this little 14" darling in an antique store, and I sorely wanted to buy her and fix her up. She has such a pretty face, my fingers just itch to set her to rights! She's 14 inches, all composition, and unmarked, and needs just a little cleaning, restringing, and a new wig, which I already happen to have. But I didn't buy her because the price was steep AND I was already buying a rare doll book.

We went back the same route at the end of our vacation, so I was hoping that we could stop at that shop again and I could talk to the dealer to see if she'd come down on the price a little. But the store wasn't open when we passed through.

Wish List: this doll! Maybe I could call over there and see if the shop owner would mail her to me...

Fortunately when we got back home today, I got to scratch the fixer-upper itch by acquiring this little lovely from my local shop.

She also needs cleaning and restringing, plus a restyle of her mohair wig, but her compo is all in good shape and make up is still nice, except for a little touch-up needed to her lips.

She is 18" and marked Mme. Alexander across the neck edge of her head. I'm probably going to dress her as a 1944 bridesmaid doll, which she very likely was, but something else might occur to me as I sort out which contemporary patterns might be handy for costuming her. Also, she could wear Mary Hoyer patterns enlarged about 128%.

To Do List: Get her body firmly together and start planning an outfit for her!

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