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Monday, September 15, 2014

Candidates for Repaints

If you never see these dolls again, you'll know I flopped at repainting!

Maxie is one of the inexpensive dolls I bought at antique sales this summer. Emily, if you're reading this--she's not one of your original dolls. Although if you like the way she turns out, I'll be happy to paint those Maxies for you too!

Uh-oh, she has teeth! Looks like I'll be learning that painting technique. Unfortunately, her head is pretty rigid, so I won't be able to squeeze it to get at the tooth line as easily.

A view of Maxie's sculpt. Wow, that acetone takes the paint off RIGHT NOW!

In this view, it looks like I could get away with not painting her teeth, but just giving her a dark "separator" line... But the tutorial I am following says never never never paint lipstick on the teeth, so I won't.

I was poking around in the doll closet and found this young lady, an 11 1/2" Tuesday Taylor doll. Apparently I had intended to paint her face, too, as I already had most of the paint off.

I seem to remember that her hair was a dreadful mess, so I removed it. Now you can see an interesting feature--she has a rotating scalp! Like her 19" sister, Tiffany Taylor, she had different colored hair on opposite sides, so you could make her either blonde or brunette by twisting the top of her head.

She has a pretty, delicate sculpt--it shows up better in a monotone picture. Her arms are wiggly; they don't hold a pose but they do bend at the wrist, which allows some pretty gestures. Her legs are bendable and look exactly like a Twist n Turn Barbie's legs.

If you would like to see what Tuesday Taylor looked like WITH face paint and hair, have a look at this reference site. (The Dollhead blogspot.)

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