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Monday, September 15, 2014

Progress on Myrtille

Here's a look at Myrtille--still a long way from finished but making progress. Her wig has been washed and set (off her head, to protect her compo) and looks better than it did.

She is being fitted with clothes made from vintage patterns that were intended for an 18" Miss Revlon doll. You wouldn't think they'd fit so well, since Myrtille has more of a "young lady" shape than a "lady" one. But her underwear fit perfectly with no alterations, and all I've done to that test bodice is deepen the underarm dart by about 1/2 inch. There's even plenty of room for the back closing.

Shown with her are some of the fabrics being considered for her outfits. On the left is a nice vintage dimity I'm going to use for the dress skirt, even though it is rather narrow and will have to be pieced. By her foot is some tulle I bought, just in case a ballet tutu happens--we have a Miss Revlon pattern for one, plus an enlargement of a Mary Hoyer tutu. Still ahead, aside from clothes: touching up her lipstick and making her some shoes.

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