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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

The Summer of Vintage Dolls

Last winter was the Winter of Baby Dolls, but with the summer came irresistible deals on lady dolls, mostly. I just took inventory--two dozen new dolls joined my collection between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Pictures to follow, but for now the list is:

  1. Ken doll, # 1, dark brown hair which I have re-flocked. Came with "Ken" doll case and clothes.
  2. Barbie, 1967 Twist n Turn "trade-in" doll, perfect shape, MAJOR score for only $2!
  3. Brooke Shields, NRFB but not quite mint, as there is a little sun-fading on her hand.
  4. Glamour Misty, a member of the Tammy family, in her original swimsuit.
  5. Pepper, #1, Tammy's little sister.
  6. Pepper, #3 or 5, will have to look up which.
  7. Madame Alexander 18" compo young lady doll, whom I have restrung and named Myrtille.
  8. Barbie, repro of vintage pony-tail, blonde (NRFB, in pink satin gown).
  9. Barbie, repro of vintage pony-tail, titian haired (in original wedding gown).
  10. Kelly, of the Chrissy family, mint and fully clothed in original outfit
  11. Furga doll, 21", blonde ringlets still beautifully clothed in original dress, petticoat, pantaloons, and shoes, though there was very likely a hat or bonnet which is now missing.
  12. Shirley Temple, vinyl, late 50s, 15". 
  13. Maxie doll, Hasbro, 12", probably going to try re-painting her face. 
  14. and my new favorite... Barbie, 1967 Twist n Turn "trade in" doll, perfect shape, with "Summer Sand" (ash blonde) hair!  What a beautiful companion she is for my brunette doll!
Here are the two Pepper dolls. I was surprised how much the body was altered for the second version! My theory is that they made Pepper a little slimmer so that she could wear Skipper clothes.  With her legs jointed vertically rather than diagonally, she can now sit in a more lady-like way. 

These side-glancing eyes make me think of all the millions of celebrity shots where the glamorous woman has that side-glancing grin, as if sharing a private joke with someone just outside the frame. I always wonder if they're just pretending to see a friend so that the camera can catch them smiling nicely without actually smiling into it. 

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