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Friday, August 7, 2015

New Girl: The Titan-haired TNT Barbie

It had to happen: once I realized that I owned five out of the six different haircolors of TNT Barbie, I had to acquire the sixth and own them all. But this time I definitely had to go for the repro, "My Favorite Barbie 1967" because I lacked the redhaired or "titian" gal, and vintage redheads are rare and high-priced.

When I first saw her new on the shelf at Toys R Uscome years ago, she was $45, then marked down to $40, but  I didn't buy her because the red-head didn't invoke any nostalgia for me. I wasn't collecting Barbies that much and there didn't seem to be any point. But with her sisters all in a row without her, suddenly my collection needed her!

Many ebays sellers had her for sale, new in box, with the prices trending around $60 plus shipping. Other sellers were selling her de-boxed and nude, for around $35, but I didn't want her that way if I could help it.

But I was fortunate to find her NRFB for $40 and free shipping, so she ended up costing just what she would have if I'd bought her off the shelf long ago!

The outfit that comes with her is not one I'd choose and the shoes aren't very versatile, but it's nice to have them anyway. I especially like having the booklet.

The only thing I really didn't like about her was her eyelashes. They were even longer than they look in this picture! Well, I couldn't just enjoy a doll with overdone lashes like that.  None of my vintage TNT dolls have lashes like that, and my other repro TNT doens't either. I wanted her to look more like them.

So I trimmed them down, very carefully, little by little, until they were the length I wanted them. They are also thicker and darker than the vintage dolls' lashes, so I wanted even less length for a more natural look.

That opens up the whole question about whether a person should do such a thing as trim lashes, and many collectors wouldn't. For that matter, some wouldn't even take her out of the box. But my collection isn't like that--for most of my dolls the purpose in buying them was to enjoy them by dressing them, taking pictures of them, displaying them, etc. And I certainly couldn't enjoy this doll with those eyebrows. But I only felt free to alter her because she's a fairly common, inexpensive doll.

I wouldn't take liberties such as eyelash trimming with any of the rare dolls that have come down to us, were I so lucky as to own one. But with inexpensive, common dolls like this one, the collector gets to choose whether she wants a boxed collection or a play collection, and it's great that we have that choice.

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