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Monday, January 2, 2012

Penelope the Third

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I'm about sick of reading books, classics or no. So I made another Penelope doll. Penelope is a pattern designed in the 1980s by Colette Wolff of Platypus Patterns, a name sacred to cloth dollmakers. She is to be outfitted and wardrobed and bestowed on a small grand-niece. As you see, a first skirt is done; a fleece poncho is on the cutting table. Since she's going to a modern young lady, she shall have a modern ensemble.


Anonymous said...

We're floored by Pen. And the fact you're giving her away with such dedication to the person. The contour of the face, WOW! and I just love the neck. This is art, an old art at that, executed by someone so much younger and understands the art and is loyal and grateful to it.

Classics Revisited said...

Thank you, Fred! How nice that you appreciate cloth dolls and their long history! This doll's designer created many classic outfits for her: Puritan, Red Riding Hood, Princess, etc. So once she's all finished, it's fun to dress her too.