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Friday, July 18, 2014

Sad Sad Sasha

This poor little gal is headed for the doll hospital tomorrow. I can re-string most dolls, but I've read that Sashas need expert handling. Looking her over, I can see how to do the legs and arms, but how to get the head on is a mystery. And it's not something people are posting on the Internet.

Fortunately my local doll hospital owner says that she can do it. For a long time, my plan was to take her to the New York Doll Hospital, but somehow I never got around to it--going to the city is always such a big important thing in my life I tend to forget about the small important things. And now I see that the Chief Surgeon at that doll hospital died in 2009! So that plan is out.

I hope to be posting an "after" picture of her soon. She is a special Sasha to me--I can't say "favorite" because I love all six of them (four girls, a boy, and a baby). But she is the one I waited longest for, looked hardest for, and paid the most for. She was even more expensive than Prince Gregor, because she's the only one I bought after they were discontinued, and the last one I intend to buy unless a really good deal presents itself. And she is so pretty, with her honey blonde hair and brown eyes. It will be so lovely to have her back with her sisters--I might have to make her a new dress!

Update 7/20/2014:  Sasha has been admitted to the doll hospital, and a lovely place it is! Patti has re-strung Sashas before--in fact there was a newly re-strung blonde blue-gingham Sasha on the work table waiting to be picked up! I'm sorely tempted to take a porcelain doll class there in the fall. I used to make them years ago, and have a kiln and my own molds, but my methods are all severely out of date. It would be nice to learn newer, safer procedures...

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