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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Sasha Comes Home!

No longer dangling like a loose-limbed marionette, Sasha is fresh from the doll hospital and good as new. Here she is in a little dress I made for her when I wanted to learn how to smock. It is a Peggy Trauger pattern especially for Sasha. You use the pin dots to space your stitches instead of marking them.

She is the 105 Silk Dress model with Honey hair and brown eyes, and she still has her complete original outfit and box. She was the last Sasha I bought--the last one I was looking for, and I looked for her a long time. I already had four other girls, a baby, and Prince Gregor, but just couldn't feel like my collection was complete without her.  Finally found her at a doll show, unfortunately AFTER they had been discontinued, so the price was higher than formerly, but still not horrible. 

Coming up: a look at some Sasha knitting and sewing patterns...


Anonymous said...

Hi, she looks beautiful, the dress you made is lovely too. A sweet new girl :-).

Emily said...

Beautiful photo! I can't tell where you took this, the background and lighting are so good - it can't be in our yard, or is it?

Tricks and Manners said...

Thank you both! Somehow Sashas photograph well--it is a happy characteristic. This picture was taken in the backyard on my adirondack chair.:-D