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Monday, August 15, 2016

My very own book display!

The library where I work is doing a series of displays of various staffers' favorite book picks--and this week is my week! I can't describe what a great feeling it is to walk through the lobby and see so many of my favorite books all together!

Here is the list of titles--for me to remember always and for anyone else who is curious.

Baker, Nicholson              The everlasting story of Nory
Burns, Olive Ann              Cold Sassy Tree
Bynum, Sarah                   Ms. Hempel Chronicles
Dallas, Sandra                   The Persian Pickle Club
Gaskell, Elizabeth             Cranford
White, Bailey                    Quite a year for plums


Book Lust to Go: recommended reading for travelers, vagabonds, and dreamers  / Pearl
Why do clocks run clockwise? An Imponderables Book / Feldman
Why don’t cats like to swim? An Imponderables Book / Feldman

On Looking: eleven walks with expert eyes / Horowitz
Find the Good: unexpected life lessons from a small town obituary writer  / Lende

Tasting and touring Michigan’s homegrown food / Beeler
The Hundred Dresses: The most iconic styles of our time / McKean
How the Post Office created America / Gallagher

The Story of English in 100 words / Crystal
Etymologicon / Forsyth
Founding Grammars / Ostler

Dawn light: Dancing with Cranes and other ways to start the day /  Ackerman
Hunt for Vulcan / Levinson 
The Cloud book: how to understand the skies / Hamblyn
Collecting rocks and crystals: Hold the treasures of the earth in the palm of your hand / Farndon
Last Chance to See / Adams [author of Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy]

Attracting butterflies to your garden / Tampion
Mend it Better / Roach
Hand mending made easy: save time and money / Ides
Alice, Let’s Eat / Trillin

Art before breakfast / Gregory                
Microcrafts / McGuire
The stick book / Schofield
Yellow Owl’s Little Prints / Schmidt
Little Ribbon Patchwork and Applique / Title main entry 

How to read literature like a professor / Foster
The Ode Less Travelled / Fry
Art and Love  / Title main entry
Ink Trails: Michigan’s famous and forgotten authors / Dempsey [When Ray and I worked at the Western Herald, Dave Dempsey was our  editor-in-chief.]
The story of Charlotte’s Web / Sims
The Egg and I / MacDonald
What matters in Jane Austen? / Mullan    

My life in France / Child
Something incredibly wonderful happens  [Oppenheimer]
Hometown appetites: The story of Clementine Paddleford, the forgotton food writer who chronicled how America ate [Paddleford]

Encyclopedia of an ordinary life / Rosenthal
Names on the land / Stewart
How the states got their shapes / Stein
Little Heathens / Kalish

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