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Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Guntram G. Bischoff, 1927-1988

Because when you search for this man's name on the Internet, there should be at least one picture of him to find.

Dr. Guntram G. Bischoff

A professor of religion at Western Michigan University, Dr. Bischoff was a brilliant scholar, wonderful teacher, kind man, and a much-loved friend.

This photograph appeared in the front matter of his book, Letters to America: Translated, Edited, and Retold, published posthumously in 2001.

(Slightly altered from and so with apologies to e e cummings)

out of the mountain of his soul comes
a keen pure silence)such hands can
build a(who are like ocean patient)dream's

eternity(you feel behind this man
earth's first sunrise)and his voice
is green like growing(is miraculous like
tomorrow)all around the self of this

being are growing stones(neither awake
are goddesses nor sleeping)since he's young
with mysteries(each truly his more than
some sixty years through which that memory strolls)
and every ours for the mere worshipping

(as calmly as if guntram bischoffs
occurred with any ticking of a clock

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