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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Collecting Barbie hair colors--a very good day at the sale!

I went to the Antique Fair today hoping to find a blonde Francie to complement my new brunette one. I've never seen a Francie there, and I couldn't even locate the dealer who usually has the most Mattel dolls for sale, but there she was at another booth, in very good shape and for a good price. Her hair is thick and her eyebrows all there, and her face color is very nice.

So here is the new girl looking all golden next to her rosy cousin.

Francie is so easy to dress, I'm looking forward to stitching up lots of things for her. 

I have the old McCalls pattern of designs for Francie, so that makes it extra easy to arrive at some basic slopers for her. The styles that are suitable for her just happen to be ones I especially love.

These poses are rather informal--hurried, even! I didn't want to keep them out in the sun too long.

Here are five different versions of Twist n Turn Barbie hair colors. From left to right they are: Chocolate Bon Bon, Summer Sand, Sun Kissed, Go Go Co Co, and Platinum. They are all vintage Barbies except the platinum one, who is a reproduction. Someday I will probably pick up the titian-haired repro, just to have the whole set.

Now I get to tell a funny story about how I acquired one today at the sale!

Last year at the sale I bought the doll in the swim suit. At the time I thought she was the ash blonde version. Today I saw the girl in the green polka-dot dress, and I loved her so much and she was such a good price that I bought her, even though I thought she was ash blonde too, and that I was going to have duplicate dolls.

After walking around the sale awhile, I saw a strawberry blonde Midge, and I wished that I had not spent my money on a duplicate doll when I could have bought this nice Midge in a hair color I don't have yet. I resolved not to be disappointed, but to find ways to enjoy having these twins.

Once I got her home, I put the two dolls together and was amazed to find out that their hair is not the same color at all! The new girl was definitely ash blonde, in comparison to which the other was clearly light brown. Some fast research was called for, and now I can identify all the colors and am thrilled to have all these five! Definitely not regretting that strawberry blonde Midge--she will wit for another day--along with brunette Midge!

The same dealer who had the Midge doll had some lovely vintage Skippers that I couldn't pass up. She made me a really good deal for both of them. I already had the pretty blonde doll, who is the anniversary repro version. So now I have a nice brunette, plus a titian-haired girl to replace an old one who had lost most of her nose and all her left thumb. Their hair is still nice and shiny and full.

Finally, here are all my girls out on the patio on this lovely golden summer afternoon. Well-not quite all! I still have more Barbies and Kens to bring out and photograph another day.


Bambuc said...

Beautiful vintage collection. I love it!

Tricks and Manners said...

Thank you, Bambuc--I'm glad you found me! I'm really enjoying your Bababolond blog too. Such wonderful dolls, and the photographs you take are very beautiful!