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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Francie out of the box!

I opened one of my birthday presents today. That is, I finally took her out of the box! This is the 30th anniversary Francie doll from 1996.

Back in 1966 when she was new, I definitely wanted a Francie doll. She was so pretty and feminine and her mod clothes were so lovely. In Barbie world her age was younger than Barbie but older than Skipper--probably 16, I felt, and since I was only nine, 16 seemed like a very fine age indeed.

For a while it was fun to keep her in that magical "Never Removed From Box" state, but my plan was always to bring her out and, yes, play with her--more or less the same way I would have in 1966, since I liked making dolls clothes then too, but now I'm better at it.

I put this dress together quickly, just to see if the pattern was going to fit. And it does, quite nicely. I can see that she will be easier to dress than Barbie because she doesn't have the thick rib cage and the tiny waist that required some engineering to accommodate.

This is what her packaging was like. I had to borrow this picture from the Internet, since the one I took turned out to be very blurry. So thank you to "Texas Doll Designs" for uploading such a nice one.

It's nice to have the pretty outfit too, but my girl is probably not ever going to wear it. It looks like the sweater would have to go on over her head and I don't want to mess her hair up. It was surprising to find out that I actually owned a vintage Francie dress: last year I bought a Pepper doll who was wedged into "Side Kick," a little number of navy gingham and eyelet. After I freshen it up a little and reproduce a matching hat she can have her picture taken in it.

Meanwhile, I still have two more birthday presents to take out of their boxes!

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