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Saturday, February 20, 2016

February 2016 Block of the Month and Craftsy class review

I just know if I let myself get behind on the monthly installments, I'll quit entirely--or put it off indefinitely, which amounts to the same thing, usually. So I put off all other forms of entertainment and finished the dogtooth and green borders for this month's segment of "Garden Charm" by Lynette Jensen.

Went though a bad patch earlier this month, thinking that I really should have used a different fabric for the light backgrounds. There's a very light toned, warm red that is wonderful to work with and might have given the piece a glow which it currently lacks.

So I had to decide whether to re-make the January portion, plus do February's, very quickly in order to be ready for March. Or stick with what I have going. Or forget the whole thing and stuff January in the closet.

As you can see, I went with continuing. Because after I got playing with the old, achy pink colors, I started to like everything again

So far I'm sticking to the hues that Lynette Jensen used in the original--pink/reds for the first border and green for the second, and then next month will be blues. Other people in the Craftsy class are doing entirely different color combinations, and those are very fun. But this time around, I wasn't quite that brave.

I am enjoying Lynette Jensen's presentation very much. She isn't all super-cutsey-cheerleadery, if you know what I mean. She offers just the right combination of encouragement and instruction without over-explaining everything. The class is ranked "For advanced beginners" and I think that is accurate. The essential skill you need to be successful is the all-important scant quarter-inch seam allowance. Without it your blocks will never come out the right size, and you will never move beyond "absolute beginner" status. So Lynette reminds you of how to do it, but because this is not an absolute-beginner class, and because there are many other points to cover, she doesn't dwell on it as a lower-level class might.

All in all, a very helpful fun class to make a very beautiful, supremely stash-busting quilt--and all for free!

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