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Monday, February 1, 2016

Sneak preview and progress update

Work on McCalls 2123 continues! Here is Margaret contemplating the progress of the next felt maxi-coat, Misty wearing the first one, and Midge, still stuck in ugly underwear, looking jealously on.

The maxi-coat has been lots of fun--so much that I want to make two more! Plus the hat and the boots really go with it, but I need to work out some modifications to those patterns. So the final coat reveal is held up a little. Meantime, I've already started cutting out the pieces for the wedding gown, and then McCalls 2123 will be all completed! Been thinking about my next project... Not sure, but I'm thinking it will be more Barbie clothes. I have lots of other dolls and patterns, but the nice thing about Barbie clothes is that they don't take a huge amount of fabric--they're great for stash-busting and using up small pieces. Plus I have a lot of Barbie dolls to wear them.

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