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Monday, February 1, 2016

Time out for shopping!

I found this neat little Barbie stove kit at Joanne's Fabric and Crafts store where it was on sale for half-off--only $4! Its packaging says it is a mailbox to receive Valentines--it doesn't claim any suitability for 1/6 scale dolls at all. But really--the oven has an interior baking rack and a cookie sheet complete with a dozen little heart-shaped cookies to bake inside! That's a wholly unnecessary level of detail for a mail box! I'm thrilled with it.

I wasn't exactly planning to buy another Barbie just to pose with the stove... Let's just say I had already practiced Barbie-item-related-buying behavior so bringing another doll home felt quite natural. This "Made to Move" model is new to me--love the understated face-up and the pretty hair. And the extra articulation really adds a lot to the doll's expressiveness. She doesn't have the "twist n turn" waist but she does have upper-rib cage articulation in addition to the other joints.

The stove kit went together beautifully--all pieces present and easy to manage. It is made mostly out of pre-cut craft foam sheets, with a little embroidery floss and a piece of acetate for the door window. There was a rather strong smell to it--sort of gassy--but it quickly dissipated and is no longer noticeable.

I really like this doll! She can even stand up by herself, though not forever. The ankle joins aren't that stiff--but stiff enough to hold a pose for photos, anyway. I have decided to name her Margaret. Through the suggestion of a friend, I have realized she really wants cowboy boots. Will have to look into that.

Her feet have a nice arch to them, so I believe she will be able to wear typical Barbie high heels. There's a blonde and a brunette in this series too, but they have the big-eye look, and though they are pretty I really like this different look for her face.

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